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Baby Wipes & Wet Tissues


Wet Tissues


Q: I’d like some moist towelettes that I can use to wipe my baby’s mouth safely.

The basic constituents of our Hand and Mouth Wipes are produced from 100% edible materials, and are perfectly safe to use to wipe the delicate skin around your baby’s mouth. They are also conveniently pocket-sized so you can carry them with you.


Q: Can I use Hand and Mouth Wipes to wipe a pacifier?

The basic ingredients of Hand and Mouth Wipes are made from 100% edible materials, and so you can use them to wipe objects that you will put in your baby’s mouth with perfect confidence.


Baby Wipes


Q: Can I still use the Baby Wipes that I bought last year?

Please refer to the expiry date written on the package.


Q: My baby licked a Baby Wipe while I wasn’t looking. Will any harm be caused?

Baby Wipes contain no harmful products, and there is no need to worry if your baby licks one. However, they taste a little bitter, and so you should give your baby some water or tea to drink. Baby Wipes should generally be kept out of your baby’s reach.


Q: Baby Wipes come out of the box linked to one another. What is the easiest way to get them out?

Baby Wipes (nonwovens) are cut in individual squares and folded in the package like tissues. They are not joined together, but because of their liquid content they can sometimes stick together, causing a number to come out at the same time when you pull one out. They are easier to pull out one by one if you pull them towards you quickly and with a little force.


Q: Is it all right to use Baby Wipes and Medicinal Wipes around my baby’s hands or mouth?

Baby Wipes are made from materials that are safe to use on your baby’s skin. PIGEON manufactures a variety of Wipes for different purposes. To wipe your baby’s mouth and hands after feeding, we recommend our Hand and Mouth Wipes, which contain ingredients produced from edible materials.


Q: Do Baby Wipes have a disinfectant or anti-bacterial effect?

Our Baby Wipes do not have any disinfectant or anti-bacterial properties. They are only intended for wiping off dirt while protecting your baby’s skin.


Q: What are Baby Wipes made of?

Baby Wipes are made of rayon. Rayon is a fiber (regenerated cellulose fiber) produced from wood pulp using a chemical process.


Q: Can I use Hand and Mouth Wipes for wiping my breasts before breastfeeding my baby or for wiping discharge from my baby’s eyes?

We recommend Breast Cotton for wiping your breasts before breastfeeding your baby or for wiping your baby’s eyes.


Q: What kinds of wet tissue should be used for what purposes?

We’ve prepared a table showing the different types of PIGEON Baby Wipes and Hand and Mouth Wipes and their recommended uses. Please refer to it.


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